After receiving a name from its grandmother, a baby is faced with the prospects of knowledge, love and death in a game of two truths and a lie. Over a 20 year timeline, the baby journeys across the globe, giving away three aspects of itself to three others.

Total runtime: 20 minutes 30 seconds




Written and Animated by
Yifan Jiang and James J.A. Mercer

Sound by James J.A. Mercer
Selected Drawings by Stipan Tadic
Produced by "The Parents"

Baby - Yifan Jiang
Grandmother - Fontaine Capel
Cab driver - Clare Koury
Weatherman - James J.A. Mercer
Grandfather - Eric Brittain


Past Screenings:
"Vacation", Roswell Museum, Roswell, New Mexico
"Edge of Frame: States of Emergency​", London International Animation Festival, Barbican, London
"Commiserate Chicago", University of Chicago MADD Center, Chicago, Illinois
"The Magic Floot 3", Tomato Mouse, Brooklyn, New York





To screen Two Truths and a Lie, please contact
James J.A. Mercer at jjjjjamesmercer at gmail dot com