by Yifan Jiang & James J.A. Mercer

VACATION follows a protagonist road tripping home from college. A sudden volcanic eruption totals his car and destroys all his possessions. Barely surviving, our destitute star builds a life for himself out of furniture that has washed up on the shore. An absurd fable on the nature of nature unfolds as he makes an unremarkable patch of beach his home.

Total runtime: 25 minutes 5 seconds





"To Your Eternity-- the 4th Future of Today Biennale", Today Art Museum, Beijing
"PoMoFoMo", IFFR, Rotterdam
"World Panorama 2", Ainmafest, Zagreb, Croatia
Tabor Film Festival, Croatia
"Mid Length Films: Getaways", Flatpack Festival, Birmingham, England
"Vacation", Sweet Pass Sculpture Park, Dallas, Texas
"Vacation", Roswell Museum, Roswell, New Mexico
"Edge of Frame: Alone with the Moon", London International Animation Festival, Barbican, London


contact: jjjjjamesmercer at gmail dot com